Maria Quintin

Maria Quintin is a Bristol-based printmaker inspired by nature. Her work explores alternative materials to convey the beauty and complexity of nature's design using eco-friendly alternatives to traditional print materials. Her work tries to make print an approachable and safe creative platform that is accessible to all.

In this spirit, she is also the founder of the Bristol Print Museum Project - looking to set up a new museum to share the key role Print has played in the history of Bristol as well as it’s future, and supporting heritage crafts, as well as opening access to the arts, history, and industry to those who may otherwise not have access to it.

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Bristol Print Museum Project

Bristol Print Museum Project


For years now I have wondered “Why does Brsitol not have a print museum when it was such a massive part of our city’s history?” and realised that I was not alone. Since proposing the idea a few month ago, I have realised that there is a want and a need for one in our city, but just no-one has been brave/foolish enough to try to create one. I am that fool!

Currently still in the research stages, I am asking the folk of Bristol what they would like and how a print museum could shape the future of the city.

Have your say here 
I’d love to hear from you!

If you have any stories, thoughts, or ideas about the museum or the project, or even some photos about your time working in the print industry, I’d love to hear from you. Either click on the “Have your say” link, or you can email

Also check out our Instagram (@bristol_print_museum_project) for updates on workshops and events I am running as part of this project. There’s some really interesting stuff coming up!

Science of Religion Exhibition

Science of Religion Exhibition

30th Sept – 2nd Oct

As part of this year’s harvest festival, I will be holding an art exhibition that explores the evolution theory and the Christian creation story through art and will present them side by side to consider the similarities and differences between the two. This should be an interesting visual experience for anyone interested in science, religion or both.

Exhibiting at Downend Baptist Church, 4 Salisbury Road, Bristol, BS16 5RA

Open 30th September – 1st October

2pm – 5pm

Open 2nd October

10am – 12am and 2pm – 5pm


As Seen on TV!!

How to Spend it Well at Christmas with Philip Schofield TV television tele product

How to Spend it Well at Christmas 

With Philip Schofield
8:15pm every Tuesday from 17th November

My products were chosen to be included as part of the set of ITV’s How to Spend it Well at Christmas with Philip Schofield! This is a three-part series reviewing the best products available this Christmas and advises on how to spend festive funds in the best possible way.

The episode dates are as follows:
Tuesday 17th November – Toys
Tuesday 24th November – Gifts and Gadgets
Tuesday 1st December –
Food and Drink

It’ll air from 20:15 each week and each episode is an hour long. Tune in and see if you can spot any of my products!


Exhibition at the Scrapstore

Art From Scrap

September 28th – 29th


As part of the St Werburghs Arts Trail, the Scrapstore are holding an art exhibition. All the works will be made from scrap materials, all of my exhibiting pieces are made from materials from the Scrapstore itself. This exhibition is to promote the re-use of waste materials from businesses in local artworks and to showcase artists who have the environment and low-waste materials in mind.

They’re running a Community Reuse Festival alongside this with talks, stalls and activities alongside the show, so it’s well worth a visit!

Saturday and Sunday
11am – 4pm


Scholar Exhibition

UWE/Spike Print Studios Exhibition

Scholar Exhibition

15th – 26th July
Monday – Friday
10am – 5pm

After winning the UWE/Spike print scholarship, me and five other artists have been busy printing for the past year. This exhibition will showcase the progress we’ve made, including my ‘This is a Print’ ‘This is not a Print’ work, as well as textile printing, experimental letterpress embossing and non-toxic print exploration. This proves to be one of my most interesting print exhibitions so far!! Perfect for print nerds and the curious alike.

Opening night is 18th July from 6pm – 8pm. Please come along if you’d like to meet the artists!


Sketch for Survival

The Royal Geographical Society, London

22 September – 25 November 2018


Explorers Against Extinction have asked wildlife artists, explorers, adventurers and celebrities create a ‘Sketch for Survival’ to raise funds to combat wildlife crime and help protect endangered species. All these sketches, drawings, cartoons, doodles and paintings will be available for purchase via online bidding and during their tour.

Last year, I created an aquatint etching of a microscopic image of ivory as one of the main focuses of the charities is to fight against ivory dealerships and to help protect rhinos and elephants.



Pop-up Gallery and Shop

Quint's Prints Shop

Bristol Galleries

20th Aug – 16th Sept

I have a shop for two weeks in partnership with UWE to test trade selling my work in a commercial setting. All the work I have created so far will be on display and available for purchase, so come down and have a look through the eclectic mix of my work’s history and development.

There will be a quiz to have a go at (and entertain the kids for a bit!!) which, if you answer correctly, will automatically enter you in to win a pack of my trademark greetings cards! Different quizzes for different ages, so come along and have a go!

ACE Project Art Auction

ACE Project Exhibition

All Profits Donated Directly to the Za Foundation

4th – 10th June


The ACE Project is running an art exhibition and auction to raise money for the Za Foundation. Local artists have made work in response to artworks created by some of the children the foundation helps. These have been exhibited side by side with a silent auction running all week.

Tonight we will be running a live auction straight after the UWE degree show. We’ve hired a central venue so anyone going to see that can easily pop in afterwards.

This is a really great cause, so come along and grab a lovely new piece of artwork made by local artists whilst supporting a wonderful charity!


UWE Degree Show

5th Floor Arnolfini

10am – 8pm


Come along to the UWE Degree show at the Arnolfini to see some of my larger work that is otherwise rarely exhibited. You can also see in person the print that is currently being archived in the New York Sketchbook Library.

The exhibition is open:
Sat 9th and Sun 10th: 10am – 5pm
Mon 11th to Wed 13th: 10am – 8pm

This year’s show is of fantastically high quality and well worth a visit if you are in Bristol.

New York Sketchbook Library

Blue - Print in New York Sketchbook Library

New York

Available for loan



I have submitted some work into the New York Sketchbook Library, which is a collection of artists sketchbooks from around the world that are available for loan just like a normal library!

It’s a fantastic project, and if you’re in New York, I would highly recommend you check it out (pun intended!)

For more information about the project and how it works click here.

My work is called Blue which – due to its construction method – is not on their digital system, so if you wish to take it out you’ll have to do it in person.


Visualising 2030


3rd – 8th May

Visualising 2030 is a collection of artist’s responses to the governments new Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

I have two pieces in this show. Looking at the climate action and clean energy goals, the charcoal in ‘Choking’ symbolises the soot and dirt we are polluting the air with alongside the invisible toxic particles, while ‘Escape’ provides an image of what the environmental changes in legislation and conservative measures can achieve by 2030.

Check it out if you get the chance. There are some really interesting responses!

Scientific Discovery

Prints in Clifton Workshop Window

Exhibition and Sale

7th July – 27th August


Clifton workshop has opened its doors to visiting artists to display and sell their work. I will be sharing a range of prints around my current themes of scientific discovery and microscopy, but also some older illustrative work.

Come along if you get the chance!

10am – 5:30pm

Memory of Space - Space of Memory

Curated by Joannes Kesenne

November 25 – 30
Open daily: 12 – 6pm


Students and alumni have produced work in a range of media, and with a range of responses to the provocation. Some theoretically, some emotionally and some literally.

My disappearing book has been chosen to be part of this exhibition. It plays on the idea of remembering and calls the viewer to be a part of the piece. The more the book is engaged with, to further the pages degrade (either throguh light exposure, handling, or removal of pieces) so the piece always changes and reduces over time, just as your memory does.

Check it out if you get the chance, there’s some really great work on show.

Current Work


Acrylic on Reclaimed Canvas


This whole set of works has currently led up to this diptych. It is an exploration into cell communication as the most basic form of our identity. A social commentary on discrimination and that – regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation – we are all made up of the same basic elements. Regardless of the language we use, we all communicate using this same method; using synapses to communicate with the brain. This artwork is about removing stereotypes and the boundaries that we as a society create between ourselves.

To see more from the project, check out my Instagram, or click here.


Microscopic Image of a Fly Series One

Printmaking Today

Issue 99


I have an article printed in Printmaking Today’s Autumn edition. Page Fifteen – Shadows and Highlights. I am featuring alongside Hannamari Jalovaara, an MMA student studying in Canada.

I was lucky enough to win their ‘State of the Art’ Prize for students. It features two images from my ‘Microscopic Image of a Fly Series One’ as well as an article explaining the thoughts and inspiration behind the project, as well as some information on the techniques and processes that went into the work. 

It is a really interesting magazine for anyone interested in print or printmaking, so I would recommend picking up a copy if you are able.

Recently exhibited in London, these works explore the idea of human discovery. It is estimated that there are 950,000 species of insect in the world, yet we only know of a fraction that actually exists. With over 10,000 new species of plants and animals being discovered every year, there are many species that we still do not know about and many areas of the world left unexplored.

This project takes a closer look at an everyday animal in a way that most people would not think of. Take a moment to stop and consider the beauty and intricacy of its creation.

See more here or on my Instagram @quintsprints


Melancholia Exhibition

Curated by Joannes Kesenne

 Bristol 2016

Exhibiting my charcoal drawing ‘Escape’ in the Melancholia exhibition at the Christmas steps venue.

This is an exploration into the idea of melancholy ‘the English disease’ and the effect and reason behind this phenomenon. Split between three venues – the Christmas steps Gallery, the Colston Hall and the 4th Floor of the Arnolfini. If you are in Bristol in the next three weeks, it would be well worth a visit. Some of the work is really interesting conceptually.

This piece was created in order to explore the concepts of emptiness and loneliness being a refuge, and the allure of melancholia as a peaceful – if unhealthy – state of mind for people who struggle with the busyness of the everyday. An escape.

“Melancholy is as seductive as Ecstasy”
Mason Cooley, Aphorist, 1971-2002