Science of Religion Exhibition

A note from the artist:

A lot of people may think that science and religion are opposites, but there are many similarities between the two. The aim of this exhibition is to try to visually represent the wonders of our world and how it came into being and to hopefully encourage reflection and contemplation on the mystery of how and why we are here?

During this time of harvest and thanksgiving, we have decided it would be appropriate to consider the creation story. This opens up the very beginning of the bible in the first chapter of Genesis, and is written in a different style to the most of the rest of the bible. Much like Psalms, it is written lyrically with repeating movements and expressions. It is reminiscent of a poem or song.

With this in mind, there are scholars who believe that this chapter of the bible is less figurative, and that each day represents a period of time in the creation of the Earth. Take a look at each passage and the corresponding scientific information, reflect on the various theories while enjoying the artwork, contemplate some of the questions it asks and consider your own conclusions.

Most importantly, enjoy the show!

All the passages are taken from the New Century Version Bible