Mythical Creature Alphabet Cards

Hand-printed Mythical Creature Alphabet cards.

Available in each letter of the alphabet.



Lino-printed Mythical Creature Alphabet cards.

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A – Alicorn (Blue)
B – Brownie (Brown)
C – Cockatrice (Red)
D – Dragon (Blue)
E – Ent (Green)
F – Fawn (Brown)
G – Griffin (Ochre)
H – Hippocampus (Blue)
I – Imp (Red)
J – Jackalope (Grey)
K – Kraken (Blue)
L – Loch Ness Monster (Green)
M – Mermaid (Purple)
N – Nymph (Pink)
O – Ouroboros (Black)
P – Phoenix (Red)
Q – Quetzalcoatl (Purple)
R – Roc (Brown, A5)
S – Sea Serpent (Purple)
T – Troll (Ochre)
U – Unicorn (Purple)
V – Valravn (Black)
W – Will-o-the-Wisp (Grey/blue, A5)
X – Xig-Xag (Purple)
Y – Yeti (grey)
Z – Zilant (Red)

Each card is lino-printed, with the creature’s name type pressed onto the back, and produced in small batches. This means that each card is unique and may vary in colour from those shown in the image.

Cards will be shipped in a cardboard enforced envelope.


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A – Alicorn, B – Brownie, C – Cockatrice, D – Dragon, E – Ent, F – Fawn, G – Griffin, H – Hippocampus, I – Imp, J – Jackalope, K – Kracken, L – Loch Ness Monster, M – Mermaid, N – Nymph, O – Ouroboros, P – Phoenix, Q – Quetzalcoatl, R – Roc, S – Sea Serpent, T – Troll, U – Unicorn, V – Valravn, W – Will-o-the-Wisp, X – Xig-Xag, Y – Yeti, Z – Zilant

2 reviews for Mythical Creature Alphabet Cards

  1. Becca Miller (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning.

    Everything from the card stock to the execution of the printing to the logo on the back is done flawlessly. I bought the “S” Sea Serpent card and the colour of the ink is really beautiful, a lovely rich midnight/navy blue, almost black but not quite.

  2. Christy McDougall (verified owner)

    Not only is the quality of these cards clear to the eye, but the special and unique design of each letter adds a personalised touch that cards from a pack can’t hold a light to. The thought and care that goes into each design is a delight to take in. These cards have left me looking forward to hearing what my family will say when they see them and I look forward to buying more when the next birthday comes around!
    Anybody will be delighted to get any one of these lovely cards. 😊

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