City Print

Intaglio print of an abstract cityscape.



An intaglio print of an abstract cityscape.
Paper size: 16cm x 13cm
Print Size: 11.2cm x 8cm

Part of the Artist Support Pledge. See more here.

Product Care:
Printed with colourfast ink on archivable paper.
A work on paper, so apply care accordingly.
My recommendation for maximum lifespan would be to keep it out of direct sunlight and/or mount in a frame with UV protect glass/plastic, hang at room temperature and without excess moisture (i.e. not in a kitchen or bathroom). But it’s your work so more importantly, ignore all that and hang somewhere you’ll enjoy it!

About Intaglio Printing:
Intalio printing is any process that involves pulling ink out of a mark made in a plate (rather than pulling it off the surface).
The image is etched or scratched into a plate, sometimes using acids or by applying different materials. Anywhere there is a hole or ravine, the ink will get trapped when you wipe all the excess ink off the surface.

For this intaglio process, first, you scratch into the plate using a sharp tool, apply your ink to your plate, push it all into the grooves and wipe any excess off the surface. Then, you put dampened paper on top and run it through a press. The damp paper is squeezed into the inky ravines and pulls it all out onto the paper.

It’s similar to drawing in its appearance, but it has a very unique finish and often has a background tone left by the plate.

All works on paper are notoriously difficult to photograph accurately. The best efforts have been made to get the colours and tones in the photograph to match the product, however, colours may vary in different lights and differ from the image shown. If you would like to arrange to view the print in person, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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