Hand-Printed Chrismas Poem Card

Hand-printed Christmas Poem Cards.

‘The Colours of Christmas’ by Rebecca Gilbert.


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Hand-printed card of the poem ‘The Colours of Christmas’ by Rebecca Gilbert.

These are type-pressed Christmas cards. The wording is individual lead letters that have been organised and set into one block, and then printed all together.


The poem reads:

The colours of Christmas
“The colours are the thig”
My father said to me,
“That makes Christmas so special
Not the trimmings or the tree
It’s the sparkling flash of tinsel
And the rich soft red of wine
That makes me feel so peaceful
When it comes to Christmas time.
You can take back all your presents
The food and Christmas songs
Because it’s in the colours
That my heart truly belongs
The dark cool green of ivy
Soft glowing candle light
The twinkling of white stars
As the shine on Christmas night”


Each card is hand-printed and produced in small batches. This means that each card is unique and may vary slightly in colour those shown in the image.

Cards will be shipped in a cardboard enforced envelope.


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